The universe of beaded embroidery


Discover my work through the technique of beads embroidery

“Amandine bouet” is a personal project that has become a professional project combining my passion for beading and my love for textile art and colors. I let my imagination wander through my fingers that transcribe my dreamlike universe in my creations.
Through this project I will make you travel in my world liliputien where color is omnipresent.

Unique pieces

Small batch earrings and decorated hoops

On this site you will find my various projects of beading, such as accessories, jewelry, decorative objects, as well as everything necessary so that you can learn in your turn at home or in a face-to-face workshop.

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Embroidery Hoop Stand

Ergonomic tool to hold your hoop
Practice embroidery in good conditions

A tool designed for beginner or experienced embroiderers to hold the embroidery hoop and adjust its position according to the seat or work support.

Embroidery Hoop Stand
Embroidery Hoop Stand

What does beading consist of

Beading is derived from embroidery consisting in using not just yarn but beads.


There is a multitude of existing pearls allowing to realize various and varied works. Glass beads, large or small sequins, swarovski beads, plastic, wood, ceramic and more.


It is a technique of textile embellishment allowing originally to ornament clothing, accessories or decorative objects. However the field of possibilities is infinite, it will depend on your imagination.

My Sketches - 2022-09-27 13.37.35 3

Shop by category

My Sketches - 2022-09-27 13.37.35 2

Creative meditation

I truly believe in the meditative power that a creative practice can have.

During the journey you connect with yourself & forget the surrounding noises. Your attention is focused on your work and your imagination takes over.

There is a creative part in each of us, just open the door and let go. It must be a privileged moment, without pressure or objective, the goal is to savour the present moment.

Meditative experience in creativity

Would you like to try?

Are you intrigued by beading?

Do you want to learn a new creative technique?

Do you want to carry out a creative project from A to Z at your own pace, quietly at home?

Try the kit, specially designed for you to work independently in the comfort of your own house

Each kit box contains:

– a booklet with instructions explained by illustrations in French or English,

– a set of differents beads, sequins and yarn,
– needles for beading and embroidery,

– a hoop,

– a piece of fabric,

– spools of thread,

– a print of my design on a card

A wonderful tool to gift, commune with friends, & take time to reconnect with yourself.


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