Minuit, hoop

"Minuit" is an embroidery hoop with beads.
11 cm diameter, puffy.

"Minuit" in French means midnight.

It is a unique piece that I'll not replicate.

All my works are original and 100% handmade, one-to-one, pearls after pearls, handcrafted. By buying one of my pieces, you are helping to make a person live his passion and go against fast fashion/fast production.

The pieces I sell are the result of several tests and experiments over several years.

It is an embroidery hoop, fully embroidered with beads and sequins by hand on a fabric base.

This artwork is puffed.

This piece is composed of several colors of pearls such as pink, iridescent white, blue, light blue, purple. The base is a light blue fabric. It's 11 centimeters in diameter.
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