Disponible en français / Available in English

In this kit you'll find:
- a booklet with instructions explained by illustrations in French or English
- a set of differents beads and sequins
- needles (especially for beading)
- a hoop 16 cm diameter
- a piece of white fabric
- a spool of thread
- a print of my hoop on a card

You have the posibility to choose between english or french for the booklet (let me know in the section "notes or instructions" at checkout).

Please note:

- This kit is for all levels (beginners are welcome!).

- There is no rules ! I've made my own design as you can see on the picture but the idea is to make your own. In the booklet there is explanations to start, to finish and differents stitches. It's not a step by step to make the same as i did because it's not fun. You can use mine to guide you if you feel lost but the idea here is to feel free and enjoy the moment. Playing. You can also add embroidery thread, paint, wool, whatever you want, let yourself go through the flow of creativity.

- If you need help for something you can contact me.


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