How did I become a bead embroiderer?

From a teenage dream to real shared know-how


Everything Has A Story To Tell


How it all began

I am Amandine Bouet, born in Nîmes (South of France) and i’m a textile artist.


I have always had an attraction for creation and craftsmanship but I have developed my attraction for art and textile creation during my years of study.






I was graduating from HELMo in Liège (Belgium) in Fashion Design and spent a year doing a student exchange (Erasmus) in Llotja in Barcelona (Spain).


I continued with an internship at Malhia Kent in Paris (France) in the creation of textiles for international designers.

Everything Has A Story To Tell

My third year in Barcelona and my internship at Malhia Kent in Paris gave me the opportunity to open myself to other sectors of creation such as jewelry creation and weaving on traditional looms.


This allowed me to experiment and discover sectors of activity that I did not know.


After graduating, I continued to test different techniques by mixing them while keeping the beading as the focus of my creations.


Introduction to beading

It was during a second-year study project that I discovered the beading technique. We had to make a plastron using this technique. I quickly got a taste for it and spent more than 50 hours making this accessory.

My work is mainly guided by the blends of colors and textures. Over time, I expanded my range of techniques and materials allowing me to work on variations in both shades and light as well as differences in volumes.