Lagon, hoop

"Lagon" is an embroidery hoop with beads.
16 cm diameter.

It is an embroidery hoop, fully embroidered with wool, beads and sequins by hand on a fabric base.

This piece is composed of several colors of pearls such as blue, purple, pastel green, pastel pink, iridescent, beige. The base is a white fabric. It's 16 centimeters in diameter.


It is a unique piece that I'll not replicate.

All my works are original and 100% handmade, one-to-one, pearls after pearls, handcrafted.

The pieces I sell are the result of several tests and experiments over several years.

Please be aware that shipping price does not include customs duties or charges that may be incurred on shipment to countries outside the European Union.
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