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Image of Sunset, earrings
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Sunset, earrings

"Sunset" are unique pieces earrings.

The main part is embroidered by hand with various beads and sequins, on a felt base 🐚 .

The upper part, embroidered with pearls, is pink, light pink, grey, blue, brown, and white then below comes a piece of mother-of-pearl. They measure 6 x 2 centimeters.

🍋 It is a unique piece that I'll not replicate.

They are very light and can therefore be worn a whole day without problem.

🌻🌾 All my works are original and 100% handmade, one-to-one, pearls after pearls, handcrafted. By buying one of my pieces, you are helping to make a person live his passion and go against fast fashion/fast production.

Having the ears pierced is necessary, unless you ask me for a clip clasp, when ordering a custom order (for custom order, contact me by email:

The studs are stainless steel but i can make it with sterling silver in a custom order.

Although solid, the earrings are to be handled with care to preserve them as much as possible.

Image of Sunset, earrings
Image of Sunset, earrings
Image of Sunset, earrings